MCS using AIS

Monitoring, Control and Surveillance using AIS

An Automatic Information System (AIS) offers a comprehensive, comparatively low cost, internationally standardised method of rapid, real-time vessel identification and tracking.

Shore side AIS networks, both large and small scale, can provide accurate surveillance and detection of AIS equipped vessels up to 30 / 40NM from the coast.

AIS data can be fused with shore based radar data, to offer single (radar / AIS) and double-paint (radar & AIS) detection of vessels either un-equipped with AIS, or deliberately evading AIS detection.

AIS data can be fused with long range CCTV (daylight / thermal) data as an additional surveillance tool. Slew to cue targeting allows for automated positioning and focusing of Internet Protocol cameras based on the GPS data transmitted by an AIS equipped vessel.

For long range tracking, Satellite AIS data extends this method of MCS beyond 30 / 40NM from coastal AIS surveillance, and enables detection of AIS-equipped vessels at unlimited range.

In addition to the above features, collected AIS data can be stored, processed and disseminated in a legally acceptable format, enabling interception, arrest, prosecution and sanctions if required.

Reliable AIS network management software allows for the recall and playback of historic AIS data within a defined timeframe. This can enable such actions as displaying prosecutorial evidence or evaluating the navigational behaviour of subject vessels.

All of the above features are available in our MariWeb™ AIS network management software.