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AIS Network Solution
Data Management
Monitoring & Integration
Why choose MariWeb™?

The IMIS Global Limited [IMIS] MariWeb™ solution is unique in that it is configurable to comply with all current and published AIS standards and recommendations including IALA A-124, IALA A-126 Recommendations and also the ITU-R.M 1371-4, IEC 61162-1, NMEA 1083 specifications, to name a few. MariWeb™ seamlessly integrates with many additional systems that increase the efficiency of operating ports, fisheries, marinas, canals and waterways.

In addition to complying with the published AIS standards and recommendations, MariWeb™ implements open communication standards and protocols ensuring that integration, expansion and protection of existing legacy systems are optimised.

The MariWeb™ AIS network solution includes:

  • AIS and Network Firewalls

  • Web Services interface

  • Archive Server

  • Event Manager

  • Database query tool

  • Logical Shore Station including encrypted links

  • Report Creator / Report Generator

  • Network Monitoring System

  • OpenGIS compliant chart server

  • Human Machine Interface web server

  • Ferry Route Manager

  • Port / Voyage Manager

  • Passenger Information Display

  • Encrypted LSS and HMI connections

The HMI allows access to all of the functionality within the MariWeb™ system including the Electronic Chart System, AIS System Management [AIS-SM] and the Reporting system.
MariWeb™ is fully scalable from a single small port or marina to a large national system carrying more than 100,000 active AIS targets.
When using the Electronic Chart System [ECS], the identity, static and navigational information on any AIS target can be obtained by selecting the target. This information table is dynamically updated.
All the historical data that has been collected from the AIS targets are recorded with an accurate time stamp allowing playback of routes and other data at any time in the future. The data on any target, group of targets or targets within an area can be selected and downloaded for further detailed analysis either using the tools in MariWeb™ or a third party data mining tool.

The MariWeb™ reporting system is particularly powerful in that it allows data to be presented in graphical, tabular and in playback report formats. Many of the tabular reports can also be exported in a Comma Separated Variable [CSV] format allowing available reports to be input into the standard reporting formats already being produced by the customer as well as being available in KML (Google Earth), PDF and Microsoft Word document formats.

The MariWeb™ reporting system is able to automatically produce reports on an hourly, daily, weekly or annual basis. Any of the data that is stored in the MariWeb™ system can be used to generate these reports. The report layouts are created using a web enabled Graphic Report Layout tool.

The MariWeb™ Event Manager [MEM] uses any of the data collected or generated within MariWeb™, including time, waypoints and areas marked with a polygon and even restricted areas around moving vessels to automatically produce alerts that can be sent to users using email or to other machines using a web services interface or can be displayed on the operator’s console with a visible and audible alert.

Managing the arrivals, movements and departures of vessels within a port is now easily accomplished using the combination of the MariWeb™ Report Generator, Event Manager and Voyage Manager.

The MariWeb™ Voyage Manager uses the detection of tug and pilot boat events, port entry and departure, berth arrival and departure, anchorage area arrival and departure to automatically complete the vessel voyage record and associate the vessel with agents and contact numbers.

The MariWeb™ Voyage Manager increases the accuracy of the detail captured.

Open interfaces between MariWeb™ and third-party and legacy systems ensure that the investment by maritime authorities, information services providers (Maritime Exchanges) and port facility and port operators is protected and can be further enhanced.

The MariWeb™ system employs a very flexible topology allowing the system to be provided as a service or as a dedicated system.

The flexibility includes access to many of the services within MariWeb™ and data within the databases using REST web services.

To protect external systems and VTS and ECS environments connected to MariWeb™ and use the resultant AIS data, significant attention has been paid to identify, record and eliminate identified false AIS targets that result from corrupt AIS data broadcast from faulty AIS units that could impact on the integrity of the system as a whole.

This proprietary and highly sophisticated feature allows the VTS and ECS operators to rely on the target set that is shared between the MariWeb™ AIS network and the VTS and ECS systems and a log is kept of all targets that potentially require further investigation or need to be viewed with care.

MariWeb™ can be installed in a fully duplicate topology in either an Active – Active mode or Active – Standby mode.

The MariWeb™ unique topology allows users to access the AIS network features at any point within the system all the way from the AIS base station through to the central database environment and at any intermediate node in-between. This topology ensures that the MariWeb™ system is designed for use under highly adverse conditions with a standard Internet browser as the Graphical User Interface [GUI] – no client software or expensive hardware is required to operate a MariWeb™ AIS system.

Remote AIS base stations and AIS receivers can be connected to and disconnected from the MariWeb™ network in an ad hoc and dynamic fashion. MariWeb™ will detect the AIS unit connected (including AIS mobiles and receivers) and automatically adjust the network topology in real-time including the routing of AIS messages to be broadcast from the shore to the ship.


To manage the MariWeb™ system, an intuitive network monitoring system [NMS] is included. The NMS can provide data in SNMP format to external network monitoring systems allowing network administrators to have an integrated view of all the many and various components that constitute the modern maritime Information Technology [IT] environment.

MariWeb™ has been integrated into legacy and new systems that assist with dredging, AtoN management, port operations, port security, maritime environmental protection systems and maritime logistics environments thereby improving safety, security, logistics and the environment.

IMIS is able to provide a complete MariWeb™ system as an online or hosted service with all features available to users. This allows ports, the port community, maritime agencies and authorities to enjoy a feature rich AIS network without the capital and maintenance costs of owning, operating, maintaining and upgrading a complex, feature rich AIS network on a 24/7 basis.


The IMIS MariWeb™ service offers a virtual AIS network that is dedicated to the port, agency, maritime exchange or authority.

Choose MariWeb™ as your AIS network or to extend your existing AIS network and enjoy features that include:

  • High performance and reliability
  • Standards compliant protecting you and your data
  • Total data security and protection of your VTS and IT environment
  • A large and growing feature set
  • Archiving of and access to all AIS data for the last three or more years
  • Online database searches
  • Reporting systems that include playback, tabular and graphical reports.

MariWeb™ is fully scalable from a single small port or marina to a large national system.