MariWeb Base Station Controller [BSC]


The MariWeb™ Automatic Identification System [AIS] network software suite is the flagship AIS network product of IMIS Global Limited. The MariWeb™ Base Station Controller [BSC] contains a subset of the primary MariWeb™ AIS network application. Any number of BSCs can be connected to a MariWeb™ LSS Server to form a larger national or regional AIS network.

Basic AIS Services
Interface & Hardware

The MariWeb™ BSC allows AIS Base Stations to connect to the BSC using a Ethernet interface, but serial interfaces can also be configured.

The MariWeb™ BSC hardware is chosen to be power efficient reducing the power consumption and thus the size of the power supply and Uninterruptable Power Supply [UPS] units required at remote locations. This strategy reduces the heat generated by the BSC and therefore the environmental conditioning required at the AIS Physical Shore Station [PSS].

Some versions of the MariWeb™ BSC have dual Ethernet ports enabling redundant BSC units to be installed in an AIS PSS without the need for any other LAN equipment on site increasing reliability with Mean Time Between Failure [MTBF] figures of more than 100,000 hours for a single BSC.

The MariWeb™ BSC can be supplied in three temperature ranges and with different non-volatile memory. The BSC power consumption can range from a few watts through to about 18 watts. The memory is high speed Compact Flash RAM.

The MariWeb™ BSC has watchdogs enabled ensuring that the BSC stays up and available.