MariWeb Electronic Chart Systems


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Electronic Chart System
Graphical User Interface

MariWeb™ Electronic Chart System

  • Uses unencrypted S57 source data as well as ESRI and various Raster charts
  • Can use Google Maps™ as an external chart server
  • Implements AIS target symbols as per IALA A-124 Recommendations
  • Additional symbols can be added for localised usage
  • Internet browser used as Graphical User Interface
  • Additional target symbols available
  • Can display more than 100,000 targets at once
  • Vessel tracks of up to 24 hours can be shown

The MariWeb™ Electronic Chart System [ECS] uses an Internet browser as a Graphical User Interface [GUI] to display the charts and the AIS targets using the approved IMO symbology as applicable for shore side networks. No client side software or expensive high performance hardware is required to use the MariWeb™ ECS.





  • Implements the AIS target symbols as per the IALA A-124 Recommendation
  • Special symbols (shape and colour) can be implemented
  • ROT and COG vector size can be configured
  • Name, MMSI, IMO Number or Call sign identity can be selected to identify target
  • Up to 24 hours of target track per selected target or all visible targets

Chart types

  • Vector S57 (unencrypted )
  • Raster (JPG, GIF and PNG) in WGS84 projection
  • Vector ESRI

Special features

  • Uses Internet browser only – no special client software or hardware required
  • More than 100,000 targets can be viewed at the same time
  • Allows Points of Interest with symbol and text tag to be placed on the ECS for future reference
  • Integrates IP video feeds with on screen links / icons
  • Drag, Pan and Zoom of the chart with automatic updating of all layers
  • Pan to latitude / longitude
  • Book marked views (with set lat / long / zoom level and chart)
  • All targets marked with MMSI, Vessel Name, IMO Number or Call sign
  • Select any Logical Shore Station
  • Dynamic view filter to focus on specific target types
  • Interfaces seamlessly with the MariWeb™ Event Manager [MEM]
  • Allows display of targets with various time delays (in different colours)
  • When selecting a target from a target search the ECS will zoom into the selected target