MariWeb Event Manager


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Event Creation

The MariWeb™ Event Manager is able to generate alerts and alarms using all of the data within a MariWeb™ AIS network. These events include:

  • Closest Point of Approach [CPA]
  • Time to CPA [tCPA]
  • Time stamp
  • Entry to an area
  • Exit from an area
  • Crossing a waypoint in a specified direction
  • Tug event
  • Pilot event
  • Berthing event
  • Anchorage event
  • Watch Circle / Protected Zone event
  • Wanted Vessel

Once a MariWeb™ event has been triggered, the alert is generated and a message is sent according to the rules for that event. The outputs for any one particular event could be one or more of the following:

  • Send an On-Screen Alert [OSA] – this OSA can be cached on a per-user basis so that when signing in or reconnecting all OSA alerts will be played back for acknowledgement. The OSA can be accompanied by an audio alert tone
  • Send an email to any number of email addresses (and, therefore, Mobile phones)
  • Send a Web Service message to any number of systems connected to the MariWeb™ system

The MEM alerts can also be triggered by external alerts from the AIS-SM or any other external service.

A history of all alerts triggered by the MEM are stored in the MariWeb™ system.