MariWeb Logical Shore Station server [LSS]


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Data Collection
  • Connects any number of AIS Physical Shore Stations [PSS] or receivers to form a network
  • IALA A-124 Recommendations compliant
  • Contains many security features and message filtering
  • Contains any number of Logical Shore Stations [LSS] available
  • Interfaces to the MariWeb™ Event Manager, Network Monitor, Archive Server Reporting system, Voyage Management system and many other MariWeb™ software modules
  • Allows connection between AIS networks using the methods specified in the IALA A-124 Recommendation
  • Allows connection of encrypted clients using SSL

The MariWeb™ Automatic Identification System [AIS] network software suite is the flagship AIS network product of IMIS Global Limited. The MariWeb™ Logical Shore Station Server is the heart of the MariWeb™ system and in conjunction with the Human Machine Interface [HMI] implements the full IALA AIS Service Management [AIS -SM] functionality.

The LSS collects all of the data from the AIS Receivers, AIS Physical Shore Stations [PSS] or AIS Base Station Controllers [BSC] installed at each AIS Physical Shore Station [PSS] using the IEC61162-1 defined interface. The collected AIS data is checked to ensure that it is valid and in the correct format and is then processed to make it available via a Logical Shore Station [LSS] to client connections. Client connections to the LSS can be encrypted via the SSL Protocol.

All collected data is stored in the database archive.

The MariWeb system can run on bare metal servers or in a virtualised environment.

The MariWeb™ LSS can be configured to collect data from ARPA radar systems as well as proprietary fishing vessel tracking systems.

The LSS interfaces to all of the other MariWeb™ AIS network sub-systems including:

  • Archive Server
  • Event Manager
  • Report Creator / Report Generator / Data Replay and Playback
  • Network Monitoring System
  • Chart Servers (Various)
  • Human Machine Interface server
  • Ferry Route Manager
  • Port / Voyage Manager
  • Passenger Information Display

Each of these subsystems adds significant value to the Basic AIS Services [BAS] as defined in the IALA A-124 Recommendation (2012).