MariWeb V.6 – 130,000 active AIS targets.

MariWeb V.6 – 130,000 active AIS targets.

With the release of MariWeb™ V6, IMIS has provided the world with an AIS network that can handle all AIS data requirements, simultaneously, for more than 130,000 active AIS targets. Fully compliant with all published IEC, ITU, NMEA and IALA specifications and recommendations, including the integration of satellite AIS (S-AIS) data sources, MariWeb™ V6 has set a new standard in AIS network technology. “This latest MariWeb™ V6 achievement is the result of dedicated team work by all concerned in the MariWeb™ software development team”, commented Ernie Batty, the IMIS Technical Director. Mr. Batty added: “MariWeb™ V6 is one of the most advanced AIS software suites in the world, providing users from small ports to national maritime authorities with reliable, comprehensive real-time AIS data.”

MariWeb™ version 6

MariWeb™, the flag ship AIS network product of IMIS Global Limited has progressed from its initial version in 2004, to the latest iteration: MariWeb™ version 6. Released in 2013, version 6 has significantly updated capabilities including performance, reporting, compliance to IALA A-124 Recommendation, IEC61162-1, IEC62320-1 Ed1, IEC62320-1 and ITUR.M1371-4. MariWeb™ version 6 is built on the successful platforms of MariWeb™ version 4 and MariWeb™ version 5.

MariWeb™ V6 features include:
  • Scalable: AtoN, VTS and national system friendly.
  • Accessed through standard Internet browsers.
  • Relational database facilitates detailed analysis.
  • Easy to construct graphical and tabular reports.
  • Works with S57, Raster and ESRI charts or Google Maps, if required.
  • ‘Dashboard’ facility allows real time performance monitoring.
  • Range of modules allowing for bespoke system design is included.

MariWeb™ systems are in operation for national maritime authorities in Australia, Canada, Croatia and Turkey. In addition to these national AIS networks, MariWeb™ systems are also in operation for commercial customers in the USA [both east and west coasts], Europe and Australia.