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PortWeb is a purpose configured version of MariWeb that includes the features and services that satisfy the needs of port and waterway authorities when deploying Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems or similar port  monitoring and management systems.

The latest version of MariWeb  is built on the legacy of 20 years focus on AIS centric Maritime Information Systems using the latest software technologies, methods and applicable standards.

PortWeb system

When using port radars the target detection and extraction are implemented at each radar sensor reducing the need for high bandwidth, high availability and low latency data links between radars sensors and the central information systems.

PortWeb application focuses on delivering a near real-time Human Machine Interface (HMI) that uses secure and encrypted (HTTPS) communications protocols to a responsive Graphic User Interface (GUI) using any modern Internet browser. All functions open within the same Internet browser application as separate windows including multiple Electronic Chart Systems. The system topology includes multiple levels of resilience ensuring that the availability of operational systems in real world environments exceeds 99.9% on a consistent basis.

In delivering high availability, close attention has been paid to Cyber Security at every level. The focus on Cyber Security extends to the unique PortWeb Security Application that analyses the timing, source and content of every AIS and IEC 61162-1 compliant message. MSA tests each AIS message against a wide range of criteria ensuring that only valid and accurate messages are used by the remainder of the PortWeb services. This facility enhances and improves operator confidence and experience while ensuring overall system safety.

PortWeb has both streaming and historical analytic capabilities. The streaming analytics are available to the operator as dashboards with a wide variety of graphs being displayed, or as events that are triggered off a wide range of configurable event definitions. All events are processed using the live data stream by the PortWeb Event Manager. Once an event has been detected, an appropriate alert is triggered ranging from audible alerts and email through to the transmission of AIS messages to ships. The historical analytics query the Geographic Information System (GIS) enabled database enabling a wide range of location, asset and status-based reports to be generated including high resolution vessel density charts using the PortWeb Analytic Platform.

PortWeb implements open and published standards ensuring that integration with third party systems is achieved in a low cost and efficient manner. Required implementation of proprietary protocols or interfaces are fully documented facilitating third party system integration.

The PortWeb software suite has been built to satisfy the recommendations, guidelines and standards published by the various international bodies and includes:

  • IALA A-124 Recommendation (2012)
  • IALA A-126 Recommendation
  • ITU-R.M 1371-5
  • IEC 61162-1
  • NMEA 0183 version 4
  • IEC 62320-1 Ed1.1
  • IEC 62320-2.

Where special features are required to fulfil a customer’s requirement, the PortWeb system is easily expanded to satisfy these.

The PortWeb system ensures that a full audit trail exists for each message by stamping each message with a time received and time stored and by storing both the original IEC 61162-1 message and the parsed message. The parsed message can be searched using the PortWeb AIS Query service.

The PortWeb system has been tested to connect to a wide range of AIS base stations, AIS receivers and AIS data feeds from the primary AIS satellite service providers.

The PortWeb services are integrated into a single software suite and are managed by a finely granulated permissions and licencing system. The permissions system ensures that, where a multi-tenant system is offered, the services and configuration and the underlying data is segmented and protected.

The PortWeb primary services include but are not limited to the following:

  • The MariWeb Service Manager (MSM)
  • The MariWeb Chart Server service (MCS)
  • The MariWeb Logical Shore Station (LSS)
  • The MariWeb Security Application services (MSA)
  • The MariWeb Event Manager (MEM)
  • The MariWeb Dashboard Service (MDS)
  • The MariWeb Analytic Platform (MAP)
  • The MariWeb AIS Query service (MAQ)
  • The MariWeb Playback service (MPS)
  • The MariWeb On-line Manual (MOM)
  • The MariWeb Radar Application (MRA)
  • The MariWeb Communications Dispatcher (MCD)
  • The MariWeb IoT service (MIoT)
  • The MariWeb Single Sign on service (MSS)
  • The MariWeb AIS AtoN service (MAA)
  • The MariWeb Voyage Manager (MVM).

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