IMIS has three commercial models that can be deployed according to a customer’s needs. These are:

  • Hosted MariWeb
  • Bespoke MariWeb
  • Perpetual MariWeb

The primary advantage of the Hosted MariWeb and the Perpetual MariWeb offerings is that IMIS is responsible for all the technical activities with regards to system supply, support, upgrades and monitoring. This reduces risk and costs and ensures a higher level of service allowing the Customer to focus on the delivery of services. IMIS supports its Hosted MariWeb and PortWeb environments on a 24/7 basis with its DevOps team ensuring that the best possible support is available at all times and that any issues are resolved in the shortest possible time significantly reducing operating risk and thus cost.

For all commercial models, IMIS configures the MariWeb system to satisfy the technical specification and operational requirements of the customer. This is normally confirmed in a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Where the MariWeb system is installed on customer owned and operated hardware or cloud environments and configured to operate as required, a Critical Design Review, Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) procedure is normally followed.

Hosted MariWeb

With the Hosted MariWeb commercial model, IMIS provides the compliant MariWeb application. IMIS monitors the system on a 24/7 basis using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Where a better than 99.5% availability is required, the Hosted MariWeb system is installed with a redundant capability for all primary services (data collection, processing, storage and distribution and/or display). The Hosted MariWeb system in the UK is a private cloud with an off-site storage capability for compressed AIS data and customer configuration data.

The Hosted MariWeb system is a multi-tenant environment but edge (national or port) nodes can be configured for a single customer (i.e. sole use of a port or maritime authority).

All historical (beyond 30 days) Hosted MariWeb collected data is stored in a resilient storage environment (a CEPH Storage Area Network) in the UK. Where an edge node is installed, the edge node holds a copy of all operational data (30 days plus all applicable customer configuration data). IMIS can test and demonstrate new features and capabilities using that sandbox version before it is pushed to the production Hosted MariWeb environment.

As and when new features and services are available, the Hosted MariWeb system is upgraded and the new services will be available to the IMIS customers.

Bespoke MariWeb

With the Bespoke MariWeb commercial model, IMIS hands over the compliant and configured software. This means that the customer owns the Licence for the version of MariWeb supplied in perpetuity. The guarantee period of 12 months starts after the SAT or beneficial use of the system.

IMIS will train the customer to provide Level 1 and Level 2 support and IMIS will provide 24/7 Level 3 support. The IMIS Level 3 support is normally provided via a VPN connection. The level of support can include, dependent upon customer requirements, 24/7 monitoring and updating the customer as issues may be revealed.

At the end of the guarantee period, IMIS can be contracted to supply ongoing maintenance and support. Should additional features be required or upgrade to the latest version of Bespoke MariWeb be required, IMIS will provide a quotation.

Perpetual MariWeb

With the Perpetual MariWeb commercial model, the MarIWeb system is supplied under a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) arrangement. The upgraded MariWeb system is transferred free of charge to the customer at the end of the contract.

IMIS supports the Perpetual MariWeb system by monitoring the system on a 24/7 basis.

All new software features and software updates that are applicable to the customer’s operations are exposed to the customer on the IMIS sandbox system. When the customer is content, the update and new features are migrated to the customer’s production environment.

The software has a perpetual licence and at the end of the BOT contract period, the final version of the MariWeb application software stays in place and becomes the property of the customer. The customer can then select to maintain their own system and update the contract with IMIS for either Level 3 software support or continue the original Perpetual MariWeb arrangement on an annual contract basis.

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MariWeb platform comparison

MariWeb Platform Comparison
ConsiderationHosted MariWebBespoke MariWebPerpetual MariWeb
Software costThis is a service using the IMIS infrastructure in the UK with edge nodes, if required.Version that meets the technical specification is included in the price. This is installed on the customer’s hardware / infrastructure.Latest version of MariWeb transferred free of charge at the end of contract. This can use IMIS or the customer’s infrastructure or cloud-based infrastructure.
System install and testSystem already up running and testedCritical Design Review, Factory Acceptance Test and Site acceptance TestCritical Design Review, Factory Acceptance Test and Site acceptance Test
Access to featuresBased on service subscriptionBased on technical specificationBased on technical specification
IMIS MaintenanceIncludedUnder contractIncluded
IMIS SupportIncludedUnder contractIncluded
Access to IMIS support PortalIncludedUnder contractIncluded
Hardware SupportIncludedCustomer’s responsibilityIncluded (note 1)
Backup to IMIS Central NodeIncludedUnder contractUnder contract (note 2)
Level 1 support (operations)IncludedCustomers responsibility after IMIS trainingIncluded
Level 2 support (operations)IncludedCustomers responsibility after IMIS trainingIncluded
Level 3 support (system)IncludedUnder contract after warrantyIncluded
Software upgradesIncludedNew orderIncluded
System upgrade scheduleIMIS managed controlledArranged with customerArranged with customer
New featuresFrequent release by IMISBased on technical specificationBased on technical specification
Bug fixesIncludedUnder warrantyIncluded
Access to IMIS sandbox system for version testing and migrationIncludedCustomer to provide test and migration environment if requiredIncluded
24/7 MonitoringIncludedCustomer’s responsibilityIncluded
Software technology refreshIncluded on an ongoing basisNew orderIncluded on an ongoing basis
Daily status reportIncludedIncluded on an ongoing basisIncluded
System performance>10,000 message per second with CEPH cloud storage engine when using IMIS Central NodeAs per technical specificationAs per technical specification
Note 1: The customer can elect to support their own hardware or use hardware supplied by IMIS
Note 2: The customer can elect to backup all data with IMIS in the UK or have an offsite backup service provided