The MariWeb and PortWeb AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) features set allows authorities to monitor and manage a wide range of AtoN using AIS and IoT technologies. The high performance, web enabled MariWeb and PortWeb systems have a comprehensive AIS Aids to Navigation (AtoN) capability ranging from monitoring systems using the specified AIS AtoN messages through to the more focused GLA and Zenilight AIS monitoring messages. The status of each AIS AtoN can be displayed on a dashboard or as a special status symbol on the ECS. MariWeb enables the use of encrypted AIS AtoN and chained AIS AtoN configuration as per the applicable IEC specification.

The systems enable the user to configure virtual and synthetic AIS AtoN using any AIS base station. The transmitting schedule (start, end date time and cadence) and AIS base station to be used for the transmission can be adjusted at will by the system administrator.

Each floating AtoN fitted with an AIS or positioning system can be configured with an alarm to indicate once the AtoN is off position / outside of its guard ring. These same AtoN can be configured with a detection area which triggers an event and sends an alert to the operator should any vessel enter the detection area.

Were a national AtoN system in put in place, the MariWeb system that includes the following can be deployed:

  • Monitoring Lighthouses using IoT
  • The collection and transmission of local of meteorological and hydrological data using the IMO messages
  • The integration of national AIS base stations and AIS receivers
  • Monitoring control rooms showing all T-AIS and S-AIS traffic
  • The generation of a wide range of reports and dashboards to support the high availability required of these systems

The MariWeb and PortWeb AtoN system provide not only value to the authorities but also by the transmission of IMO Circular SN.1 289 messages to ships and the mariner generates a safer, secure and cleaner win-win environment for all stakeholders.