PortWeb has been designed to enable the monitoring of small and or remote ports from a central location by only installing the sensors (radar, AIS receivers, CCTV and weather sensors) in the remote port and connecting these to a suitable, low cost, power efficient, Edge Node. This sensor system is then connected to PortWeb via the internet and allow the monitoring and / or management of that port from a wide range of remote locations with all the features that are available to a large port Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system.

This allows small ports to be monitored from locations that are manned 24/7 by the skilled staff required to operate a port. This small port monitoring significantly improves the security of small ports especially if AIS, Radar and CCTV are deployed in the remote port as part of the sensor suite.

The sensor suite can be installed on a suitable low-cost mast provided it has clear view of the Area of Interest and suitable power and broadband connection to the Internet is available.

PortWeb allows the tracking of land side port assets using 3GPP (GSM) such as staff transport and other critical assets and display these on the same ECS as the vessels as different layer with different symbology that can be switched on and off as required.

VTS system