The MariWeb Voyage Manager available within MariWeb and PortWeb is a sea to berth, berth to berth and berth to sea tracking and information collection application that allows authorities to efficiently use information gathered to monitor, manage and report of the port activities. The MariWeb Voyage Manager (MVM) can be configured and used by the ports maritime information service providers to collect and shore information with the port community leading to higher efficiency.

The Voyage Manager Human Machine Interface (HMI) is web enabled and this allows this interface to be shared with a wide a variety of users using any suitable Internet connection. The comprehensive permissions system allows the configuration of user’s accounts to access only that information that is useful and secure for them to have access to.

The MariWeb and PortWeb system includes a reporting system that enables a wide range of templated reports. These reports can be shared in a variety of ways with the consumers of these reports.