PortWeb has a comprehensive suite of services and connects a wide range of sensors that enables the monitoring and management of ships within ports and waterways. Each operators position can have more than one independent Electronic Chart System displayed allowing the monitoring and / or management of one or more areas simultaneously. PortWeb includes comprehensive AIS AtoN management systems. The ability to send and receive a wide range of AIS messages including the IMO Circular SN.1 289 is unique to the PortWeb VTS.

A range of radars can be connected to the PortWeb system ranging from low-cost solid state dome radars through to 18ft solid state radars used for large ports. The connection of a radar can be augmented with the connection of Pan, Zoom and Tilt CCTV cameras allowing the tracking of vessels using Radar, AIS and / or CCTV camera capabilities.

The connection of meteorological and hydrological sensors using IoT technologies enables the accurate and up to date transmission of the IMO specified messages.

A Port Information Management System (PIMS), the Voyage Manager, allows the management of vessels from Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) to Actual Time of Departure (ATD). The movement between berths and the interaction with tugboats and pilot boats can be recorded along with the visit notes.

PortWeb allows the tracking of land side port assets using 3GPP (GSM) such as staff transport and other critical assets and display these on the same ECS as the vessels as a different layer with different symbology that can be switched on and off as required.

VTS system