The MariWeb and PortWeb systems can be deployed in three different topologies:

  • On Premises
  • Hybrid
  • Cloud

On Premises

The system is installed on hardware that is installed in the premises of the customer.



Portion of the system that deals with the primary functions is installed on the customer’s premises on an Edge Node. The remainder of the system is installed in the IMIS cloud on the Central Node. The Central Node has a significant amount of storage and processing power and is used for historical data analytics as well and storage intensive requirements. The user can connect to either the Edge Node or the Central node for day-to-day operations thus offering a significant amount of redundancy.



The Hosted MariWeb cloud solution uses the IMIS private Cloud in the United Kingdom. This allows partners and customers to rapidly establish MariWeb and PortWeb systems since the system is already up, running, stable and tested and used by a range of customers.  Little testing of the Hosted MariWeb environment is required to ensure that all services are available and operational.

MariWeb and PortWeb can be installed on other private, public or governmental cloud environments.


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