Become an IMIS MariWeb partner

IMIS Global is a maritime software company and works with partners on a global basis. MariWeb is primarily offered on a hosted (Software as a Service (SaaS)) basis and connects to satellite AIS data feeds and a wide range of terrestrial AIS peripherals that are normally deployed by the maritime authority or commercial company.

Where a Local Node is to be used, the partner provides IMIS with access to the National Node and IMIS installs and configures the National Node software. IMIS then sets up the various firewalls and ensure that all AIS peripherals are available and connected. IMIS Global then works with the local partners and end customers to ensure that the system configuration is correct and works as required by the end customer.

The customer normally has access to the MariWeb system for initial testing purposes soon after the software installation and configuration.

Once customer testing is complete and all hardware and software is proven to be operating as per the IMIS Global specification, the system can be taken into operation as soon as the customer is trained and ready to do so.

Where no National Node is required, the IMIS Global Central Node can be used to connect to the local AIS peripherals and the MariWeb services is then delivered using the IMIS Global Central Node located in Fareham, Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

Where only access to satellite data is required and no local peripherals are required, the local partner becomes a reseller of the MariWeb service.