Become an IMIS PortWeb partner

IMIS Global is a maritime software company and works with partners on a global basis. PortWeb is primarily offered on a hosted (or Software as a System (SaaS)) basis using preselected hardware.  This leads to predictable installation times and performances with high levels of support available from IMIS Global.

The PortWeb hardware is Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and is specified by IMIS. The hardware is procured and installed by the IMIS Global partner as agreed with the end Customer using the supplier’s installation manual and the IMIS Global integration manual. .

The PortWeb system comes along with the ‘as built’ documentation and the System Concept Document (SCD) and Interface Control Document (ICD).

The customer has access to the PortWeb system for initial testing purposes soon after the software installation and configuration.

Once customer testing is complete and all hardware and software is proven to be operating as per the IMIS Global specification, the system can be taken into operation as soon as the customer is trained and ready to do so.