IMIS Support System Login

IMIS Global partners and customers have access to the IMIS Support system where contact can be made with the IMIS support team on a 24/7 basis to request support.

The ISS is a bespoke application that is used by IMIS Global customers and partners alike to report issues and request new features.

When a ticket is reported, an automated response is generated and sent back to the customer to ensure that the customer is aware that the ticket has been lodged with IMIS and that the IMIS staff have been alerted to the issue.

During office hours, the DevOps Manager will allocate the ticket to a suitable software team member. Outside of United Kingdom office hours, the DevOps Manager allocates an IMIS team member with a backup IMIS team member to support for all out of office hours tickets.

Customers can access the IMIS Support System by selecting the option below:

Support ropes